Saturday, 12 May 2018

The Selection Process

Selection Process:
Ø  Preliminary Interview
Ø  Selection Test
Ø  Employment Interview
Ø  Reference and Background Analysis
Ø  Selection Decision
Ø  Physical Examination
Ø  Job Offer
Ø  Employment Contract
Ø  Evaluation
 Environment Factors:
Ø  External factors:
o   Demands of skilled labor in market
o   Unemployment rate
o   Legal and political consideration
o   Company image
Ø  Internal factors:
o   Company policy
o   HRP
o   Cost of Hiring
Possible Tests for selection:
Ø  General aptitude test
Ø  Clerical Test
Ø  Management Skills test
Ø  Knowledge test
Ø  Dexterity (Skillfulness) test
Ø  Industrial skill test
Ø  Assessment Test
Ø  Honesty Test
Ø  Mechanical Aptitude test
Ø  Work Sample Test
Ø  Personality Test / Psychology test
The Employment interview can be:
Ø  One to One
Ø  Sequential Interview
Ø  Panel Interview
Types of Interview:
Ø  Structure interview ( Guided, Patterned Interview)
Ø  Unstructured Interview ( Unguided or unpatented)
o   In practice: Mixed questions
Ø  Behavioral Interview:  Focus on a problem or hypothetical situation, and the applicant is asked what he/she would do in the given circumstances.
Ø  Stressful: A series of harsh, rapid fire questions, intended to upset the applicant.
o   How applicant will respond to the pressure situation
Ø  Situational Interview:
o   How the candidate would behave in a given situation
Ø  Behavior Interview:
o   How the candidate reacted to actual situation in the past.
Reference and Background checks:
Ø  Known public figure
Ø  University professors
Ø  Neighbors , friends
Ø  Previous employers (Preferable)
o   Already aware of applicant’s performance
o   Criminal record.
Physical Examination:
Ø  Medical Fitness
Ø  Different test (blood test, Urine etc.)
Ø  Gender verification (only defense)
Job offer:
Ø  Offer letter
Ø  Reporting date, already employed persons, relieving certificate from previous company.
Ø  Movement to another city
Ø  Need preparation, transfer of property
Ø  Joining date, just before training schedule dates.
Ø  Decency demands that the rejected applicants be informed about their non-selection.
Ø  Application may be preserved for future use
Contract of Employment:
Ø  Job title, Duties
Ø  Date of joining (employment starts)
Ø  Rate of pay, allowances, methods of payments
Ø  Shift arrangements
Ø  Holiday arrangements
Ø  Sickness
o   Pay, insurance benefits
o   Termination due to continue illness
o   Medical certificate
Ø  Grievance procedure
Ø  Disciplinary procedure
Ø  Work rules, Union membership
Ø  Arrangement of termination
Ø  Special terms relating to rights to patents and designs, confidential information and restraints on trade after termination of employment.
Ø  Contract subject to proper notification being even, right to vary terms.

Concluding the Selection process:
Ø  Not selected: Do not match our requirement.
Ø  Evaluation: Competent and committed personal.

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