Tuesday, 15 May 2018

The Performance Appraisal Process

The Performance Appraisal Process:
Who are the raters?
Ø  The immediate managers or supervisors.
Ø  The employee’s peers.
Ø  Self-appraisal.
Ø  Employees’ subordinate.
Ø  A higher level manager.
Ø  Personnel department specialists, rating committees.
Ø  Clients (360-degree PA system).
Performance being measured against such factors:
Ø  Job knowledge
Ø  Quality and Quantity of output
Ø  Initiative, leadership skills and need for supervision
Ø  Dependability, cooperation(interpersonal impact, relation with co-workers, subordinates)
Ø  Judgment, versatility
Ø  Community services: involvement of staff in social activities
Appraisal Involves:
Ø  Setting work standards
Ø  Assessing the employee’s actual performance relative to these standards
Ø  Providing feedback to the employee with the aim of motivating that person to eliminate deficiencies or to continue to perform above par (equivalence, average, balance).
Steps in Appraising Performance:
(1)   Defining the Job:
Ø  Making sure that you and your subordinate agree on his or her duties and job standards.
(2)   Appraising Performance:
Ø  Means comparing your subordinate’s actual performance to the standards that have been set.
Ø  Some type of rating form
(3)   Feedback:
Ø  Discuss the subordinate’s performance and progress
Ø  Make plan for any development required

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