Tuesday, 24 March 2020

Sources of External Recruitment

Sources of External Recruitment:
1.      Professional or Trade Associations
a.       Placement service to members
b.       Publish trade journals, Magazines (Classified advertisements from employers)
2.      Advertisements (Wants- Ads)
a.       News Papers
b.       Professional Journals/ Business Journals
c.        Blind Ad: No Identification of Organization
d.       Only those individuals the Organization wishes to see are notify (Others ignored)
e.       Higher Cost for advertising
3.      Employment Exchange
a.       Employment exchange Act (1959)
b.       Compulsory notification of vacancies.
c.        Act applies to all industries having 25 or more employees.
4.      Campus Recruitment
a.       College, Business Schools, Universities, Research Laboratories, Sports fields, Institutes.
b.       Expensive, Job offers, acceptances. Majority of those would leave the Organization within 5 years.
5.      Walk-ins, Write-ins, Talk-ins
a.       Most common, least expensive
b.       Effective in entry-level, unskilled vacancies.
c.        Write-ins: Send written application
6.       Consultants:
a.       Nationwide contacts
b.       Professionalism to hiring people
c.        Costly, 25 to 50 % salary of emp. as fees
7.       Contracts:
a.       Off roles, Not employee of company
b.       Maintaining  record is avoided
8.       Displaced Persons:
a.       Social Responsibilities
b.       Govt. , World Bank pressure
c.        Kashmir, Lathur etc.
9.      Radio/ Television
a.       Govt. department only.
b.       High Cost ( Private Company –ive image)
10.  Mergers and Acquisitions
a.       Large pool of qualified employees.
b.       Immediate implementation of Organization plan.
11.  Competitors
a.       Raid, Steal, Poach (Surprise attack)
b.       HMT watches to Titan, SBI to Pvt. Banks and Insurance, Indian Airlines Pilots to Pvt. Airlines.
c.        Legal and ethical issues, employees are expected to take NOC.
12.   E-Recruiting :
a.       Company websites, electronic screening
b.       Video Conferencing, Cost saving, reach to worldwide candidate.
c.        Drawback: Many unqualified applications, miss the talent (not accessing internet)

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