Tuesday, 24 March 2020

Sources of Internal Recruitment

Sources of Internal Recruitment
1.      Present Employees
a.       Promotions and Transfers from among the present employees.
b.       It builds Morale
c.        It encourages competent individuals who are ambitious
d.       It improves the probability of good selection, since information on the individual’s performance is readily available.
2.      Employees referral (Recommendations)
a.       Low Cost, Large employee can provide large pool of qualified potential candidates.
b.       Negative Factor: Inbreeding, group of people quitting one firm and joining another one.
c.        May demand unacceptable privileges.
d.       Threaten to quit.
3.      Former Employees
a.       Retire Employees: May willing to work part time
b.       May recommend someone.
c.        People who have left the company for some reason, may come back (Higher salary, Higher Post)
d.       Performance already known
4.      Previous Applicants
a.       Not fully an internal source
b.       Contact by mail
c.        Quick, inexpensive

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