Sunday, 22 March 2020

Recruitment: Definition, Purpose and Importance

o   Number of people
o   Type of people organization needs
Ø  Job Analysis:
o   Job description
o   Job specification
Ø  Hiring:
o   Recruitment
o   Selection
Recruitment: (Definition, Purpose, Importance)
Ø  Attracting and obtaining as many applications as possible from eligible job seekers.
Ø  Pool of applications from which new employees are selected.
Ø  Pool of potentially qualified job candidates.
Ø  Increase the pool of job candidates at minimum cost.
Ø  Activity extends to the screening of applications so as to eliminate those who are not qualified for the job.
Ø  Help to increase success rate of selection process by reducing (screening) the number of visibly under-qualified  or over-qualified job applicants
Ø  Reduce the possibility of selected candidates will leave the organization after short period of time. (Stay Longer)
Ø  Meet the legal and social obligations
Ø  Should inform qualified individuals about employment opportunities.
Ø  Create positive image of company
Ø  Information about qualification
Ø  Create enthusiasm(interest, eagerness, zeal, zest) among the best candidate
Ø  Potential source of competitive advantage to a firm
Ø  Best pool of candidates quickly and cost effectively
Ø  Help to create more culturally diverse workforce
Poor Recruitment:
Ø  Extra cost on training and supervision
Ø  When recruitment fails to meet organization needs for talent, a typical response is to raise entry level pay scale
Ø  Distort salary and wages relationship in organization

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