Friday, 11 May 2018

Qualities of HR Manager:

Qualities of HR Manager:
1)     Fairness and Firmness:
a.       Fair in matters of promotions, demotions, transfers, layoffs, enforcing discipline
2)     Tact and resourceful:
a.       Tactful in handling different matter with different angle
b.       Resourceful, open minded
c.        Deal with bold-workers and strong union leaders.
3)     Sympathy and Consideration:
a.       Sympathetic attitude towards employees demands
b.       Considerations for others.
4)     Knowledge of labor and other terms
a.       Knowledge of labor laws and constitution
b.       Government policy, legal provision affecting labor.
5)     Broad social outlook:
a.       Contribution to betterment of employees’ life
b.       Betterment of those who live around company
6)     Others:
a.       Competence to perform HR activities
b.       Confidence , long term perspective
7)     Academic Qualification:
a.       No need of specialized degree
b.       National institute of personnel management (NIPM)
c.        HR (MBA) or diploma in personnel management
(Ref: Human Resource Management by Aswathappa K)

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