Monday, 14 May 2018

Performance Appraisal and Objectives

Performance Appraisal
Ø  Performance appraisal (PA) is an objective assessment of an individual’s performance against well-defined benchmarks.
Ø  PA is the systematic evaluation of the individual with respects to his or her performance on the job and his or her potential for development.
Ø  Performance Appraisal is the process of assessing and summarizing how well an employee performed his/her job and developing employee performance.
Ø  Performance appraisal means evaluating an employee’s current and past performance relative to the person’s performance standards.
Ø  Performance appraisal (PA) is the process of evaluating how well employees perform their jobs when compared to a set of standards, and then communicating that information to those employees.
Ø  Such appraisal also has been called employee rating, employee evaluation, performance review, performance evaluation, and results appraisal.
Objectives of Performance Appraisal:
Objectives of Performance Appraisal
Ø  Appraisal provides information (Competence, Performance) upon which you make promotion and salary decisions.
Ø  To confirm the services of probationary employees.
Ø  Assessment of Training and development needs
Ø  To decide upon pay raise
Ø  Feedback and Communication, improved communication between senior and subordinate
Ø  Understanding of personal goals and concerns
Ø  Evaluation of HR program such as selection, training, and transfers have been effective or not.

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