Sunday, 13 May 2018

In Basket Training

In Basket Training:
Ø  It provides trainees with a log of written text or information and requests, such as memos, messages and reports which would be handled by managers, engineers, reporting officer or administrator.
Procedure of In-basket training:
Ø  In this technique, trainee is given some information about the role to be played such as, description, responsibilities, general context about the role.
Ø  The trainee is then given the log of materials that make up the In-basket and asked to respond to materials with in a particular time period.
Ø  After all the trainees complete in-basket, a discussion with the trainer takes place.
Ø  In this discussion, the trainees describe the justification for the decisions.
Ø  The trainer then provides feedback, reinforcement decisions made suitably or encouraging the trainee to increase alternatives for those made unsuitably
Ø  Focus on:
o   Building decision making
o   Assess and develop knowledge, skills and attitudes
o   Develop communication and interpersonal skills
o   Develop procedural strategic knowledge.

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