Sunday, 22 March 2020

Factors Influencing Recruitment:

Factors influencing recruitment:
Ø  External factors
Ø  Internal Factors
External Factors:
1.       Supply and Demand of skills in the labor market:
a.       If demand is high and supply of talent is less then extra ordinary requirement efforts are required
b.       E.g. programmers, financial analysts
2.       Unemployment Rate:
a.       If high unemployment rate then easy recruitment
b.       If low unemployment rate then recruitment efforts increased
c.        New sources explored
3.       Labor Market:
a.       Lower, Middle Manager: Primary importance to local market
b.       Top and Executive Level: All India market is important
4.       Political and Social Factors:
a.       Legal considerations
b.       Reservation of ST/SC/OBC
c.        Central and state acts related to jobs & labor
d.       Recruiting more than 25 employees, must notify employment exchange
e.       Preferences to Son of Soil are another political factor.
5.       Company’s Image:
a.       Perception of the Job seekers
Internal Factors:
1.       Recruitment Policy:
a.       Internal recruitment from own employees or recommended by own employees
b.       Externally: from outside organization
c.        Temporary or part time employees: attracting less applicants
d.       Recruitment of local citizens:
                                                               i.      Local language
                                                             ii.      Customs
                                                           iii.      Business Practices
2.       HRP of organization:
a.       Greatly facilitate the recruitment efforts
b.       Prospective employees, sufficient numbers with required skills, cannot be attracted overnight
c.        Examine the alternate sources
d.       Productive methods to obtain sources and employees
3.       Size of HR and organization:
a.       If the size of organization is large: recruitment less problematic
b.       Size is small of organization then more difficult and more efforts for results
4.       Cost of recruitment:
a.       Cost per hire (New hire)
b.       Operate within Budget
5.       Growth and expansion: more recruitment
a.       Decline: less recruitment

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