Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Work Stress and Stress Management

Work Stress and Stress Management

  • Stress out from greater workloads
  • Longer working hours
  • Downsizing at company
  • Lack of job stability, job security
  • Balance between work life and family responsibilities.
  • Too much multi-tasking.

Stress is a dynamic condition in which an individual is confronted with an opportunity, constraint, or demand related to what he or she desires and which the outcome is perceived to be both uncertain and important.
  • Opportunity, Constraints
  • Demand, outcome is:
    • Uncertain
    • Important
  • Stress is not necessarily bad
  • Stress may be both positive or negative
  • Stress is an opportunity when it offers potential gain.
    • E.g. Stage artist and athlete perform better in tight situation.
  • Such individuals often use stress positively to rise to occasion and perform at or near their maximum.
  • Pressure of heavy workloads, deadlines.
    • Positive challenges, enhance the quality of their work, satisfaction.
  • Stress is associated with constraints and demands.
  • Prevent you from doing what you desire.
  • Feel Stress:
  • Two conditions for potential stress:
    • Uncertainty over the outcome.
    • Outcome must be important
  • Constraints: forces that prevent individuals from doing what they desire
  • Demand: the loss of something desired.
(Ref: Organization Behavior- S.P.Robbins)

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