Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Personality Traits:

Personality Traits:

  • Characteristics that describe an individual’s behavior.
  • Popular characteristics: Shy, aggressive, submissive, lazy, ambitious, loyal and timid.

Frameworks for identify and classifying traits:

The Myers-Briggs Type indicator (MBTI):

  • Personality assessment instrument
  • 100 question personality test, ask people about how they usually feel or act in particular situation
  • Following traits:
    • (A)Extrovert v/s Introvert
      • Extrovert includes: Outgoing, sociable, assertive
      • Introvert: quiet and shy
    • (B)Sensing v/s Intuitive
      • Sensing: Practical, prefer routine and order, focus on details
      • Intuitive: rely on unconscious process, look at big picture, spontaneous
    • (C) Thinking v/s Feeling:
      • Thinking: use reasons, logic to handle problems
      • Feelings: rely on personal values and emotions
    • (D) Judging v/s perceiving:
      • Judging: Want control, ordered and structural world (their world)
      • Perceiving: flexible and spontaneous

The Big Five Model: (John Bearden)

Five basic dimensions:
  • Extroversion:
    • Assertive, social, gregarious (found of company)
    • Introvert: reserved, quiet, timid (shy, nervous)
  • Agreeableness:
    • Propensity (tendency) to defer to others.
    • High: cooperative, warm, trusting
    • Low: cold, disagreeable, antagonistic (opposed, unfriendly)
  • Conscientious: Measure of reliability
    • High conscientious: responsible, organized, dependable, persistent
    • Low: disorganized, unreliable, distracted(unfocused)
  • Emotional stability: ability to withstand stress.
    • Positive stability: calm, self-confident, secure.
    • Negative stability: Nervous, anxious, depressed, insecure
  • Openness to experience:
    • Range of interests, fascination(charm, attraction) with novelty
    • Extreme open: creative, curious and artistically sensitive
    • Close: conventional, find comfortable in the familiar.
 (Ref:Organization Behavior- S.P.Robbins) 

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