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  • A process by which individuals organizes and interpret their sensory impressions in order to give meaning to their environment.
  • What one perceives can be substantially different from objective reality.
  • People’s behavior is based on their perception of what reality is, not reality itself.
  • September , 2001(9/11): Muslims living in U.S., stereotype

Factors influencing perception:

  • Individuals may look at the same things, yet perceive it differently?
  • Number of factors operates to shape and sometimes distort perception.
  • These factors can reside in the: Perceiver, in the Object or target being perceived and in the context of the Situation in which the perception is made.

Personal characteristics like:
  • Personal experience
  • Police officers to be authoritative
  • Young people to be lazy
  • Perceived them, regardless of their actual traits

Characteristics of target being observed can affect what is perceived
  • Loud people more likely to be noticed in a group than quiet ones
  • Extremely attractive or unattractive individuals
  • Relationship of a target to its background also influences perception
  • Women, people of color, member of any other group that has clearly distinguishable characteristics (features or colors)

Context or situation:
  • Time: at which an object or event is seen can influence attention
  • Location. Light, heat, and other situational factors.

 (Ref: Organization Behavior, S.P.Robbins) 

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