Monday, 12 January 2015

McClelland’s Theory of Needs

McClelland’s Theory of Needs:

  • David McClelland’s and his associate
  • Theory focus on three needs:
    • Need for achievement
    • Need for Power
    • Need for affiliation
  • Need for achievement: the drive to excel, to achieve in relation to a set of standards, to strive to success.
  • Need for Power: desire to have impact on others, control over others.
  • Need for affiliation: the desire for friendly and close interpersonal relationship

Achievement Need (nAch):
  • Strive to success/ succeed
  • Strive for personal achievement (rather than reward)
  • Desire to do something better or more efficiently
  • Seek situation, attain personal responsibilities, solution  to problems
  • Like challenging goals
  • nAch are not gamblers, like challenges, problem solving
  • do not like success by chance or outcome (success) from other’s action.
  • They perform best when chances of success is 50-50, probability is (0.50)

Need for Power(nPow):
  • Desire to have impact
  • To be influential and to control others
  • High nPow: enjoy being in charge. Strive to influence other.
  • Concerned with prestige

Need for affiliation (nAff):
  • Strive for friendship
  • Prefer cooperative situation, rather than competitive
  • Desire for relationship

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