Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Managing Stress:

Managing Stress:

  • Low to moderate level of stress, may be functional and lead to higher employee performance.
  • High level of stress, even low levels sustained over long period, can lead to reduced employee performance and thus, require action by management.

Individual Approaches:

  • Personal responsibility for reducing his or her stress level
  • Time management, increasing physical exercise, relaxation training and expanding the social support network.

Time Management:

  • Well organized employee, can often accomplishes twice as much the person who is poorly organized.
  • Time management principles:
    • Making daily list of activities to be accomplished.
    • Prioritizing activities by importance and urgency
    • Scheduling activities according to the priorities set
    • Knowing your daily cycle and handling the most demanding parts of your job during high part of your cycle when you are most alert and productive.
  • Physical Exercise:
    • Aerobics, walking, jogging, swimming and riding a bicycle.
    • Increase heart rate, mental division from work pressure.
    • Relaxation Techniques:
    • Meditation, hypnosis and biofeedback
    • State of deep relaxation, feels physically relaxed, detached from the immediate environment, detached from body sensation.
  • Social support network:
    • Friends, family or work colleagues to talk
    • Tension reduction, someone to hear your problems

 Organizational Approaches:

  • Factors that causes stress: task and role, demand, organizational structure
  • Improved selection and placement decision
  • Goal-setting: challenging goals, feedback.
  • Training: increasing efficiency, less stress
  • Redesigning jobs: autonomy, meaningful work, enrich
  • Increasing employee involvement: decision making
  • Improved organization communication: less  ambiguity, reduce uncertainty
  • Sabbatical(Leave, Time-out, study leave):  granted at interval, leave, paid leaves
  • Corporate wellness program: quit smoke, alcohol, lose weight, eat better.

 (Ref: Organization behavior - S.P. Robbins)

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