Monday, 19 January 2015

Group Decision Making Techniques:

Group Decision Making Techniques:

Interacting Group:

  • Typical groups, in which members interact with each other face to face.
  • Rely on both verbal and non-verbal interaction to communicate with each other.
  • Pressure on individual members towards conformity of opinion.


  • An idea generation process that specifically encourages any and all alternatives, while withholding any criticism of those alternatives.
  • No criticism allowed. Every alternate is discussed.

Nominal Group Technique:

  • Restricts discussion or interpersonal communication during the decision-making process, hence, the term nominal.
  • Group members are physically present, as in a traditional committee meeting, but members operate independently. Specifically, a problem is presented and then the following steps take place:
    • Members meet as a group, but before any discussion takes place, each member independently writes down his or her ideas on the problem.
    • After this silent period, each member presents one idea to the group. Each member takes his or her turn, presenting a single idea until all ideas have been presented and recorded. No discussion takes place until all ideas have been recorded.
    • The group now discusses the ideas for clarity and evaluates them.
    • Each group member silently and independently rank the ideas. The idea with the height aggregate ranking determines the final discussion.
Nominal group does not restrict independent thinking, as does the interacting group.
(Ref: Organization Behavior- S.P.Robbins)

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