Monday, 12 January 2015

ERG Theory by Clasyton Alderfer

ERG Theory: (Clayton Alderfer)

  • Reword on Maslow’s need hierarchy 
  • Physical, Safety [E]
  • Social Needs and external component of esteem[R]
  • Internal component of esteem, Self-actualization[G]
  • There are three group of core needs: 
    • Existence
    • Relatedness
    • Growth
  • The Existing Group: The existing group is concerned with providing our basic material existence requirements.
    • Maslow: Physiological and safety needs 
  • Relatedness: the desire we have for maintaining important interpersonal relationships.
    • Social desire, status desire, requires interaction with others.
    • Maslow: Social needs and external component of esteem (status, recognition and attention)
  • Growth Need: An intrinsic desire for personal development.
    • Alderfer growth need
    • Maslow: internal component of esteem (self-respect, autonomy) and self-actualization
  • Difference between Alderfer’s ERG theory and Maslow’s Theory:
    • More than one need may be operative at the same time
    • If the gratification of a higher –level need is stifled(quiet, muted, silent), the desire to satisfy a lower-level need increases.
(Ref: Organization Behavior-S.P. Robbines and F. Luthans)

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