Saturday, 21 September 2013

Selection of Location for Small Scale Industry:

While selecting a location for your small scale Industry, Entrepreneurs must take care of following factors:
  1. Availability of raw material
  2. Nearness to market
  3. Availability of Power
  4. Transport facility
  5. Suitability of climate
  6. Government Policy
  7. Competition between states
  8. Availability of labor
  9. Civic amenities for workers
  10. Finance and Research facilities
  11. Availability of water and fire-fighting facilities
  12. Local tax and restrictions
  13. Momentum of an early start
  14. Personal Factors
  15. Soil, Size and topography (Detail description)
  16. Disposal of waste
  17. Housing facilities for workers
  18. Road, Rail and Water (Ship) connectivity

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