Saturday, 5 January 2013

Rename Excel Sheet

How to rename sheets: Excel 2010
For quick identification of sheets it is better to rename them. Otherwise sheet names are given by excel like sheet1, sheet2…etc.
There are three ways to change name of sheet:
  1. Go to Home tab à Cells group à Format Option à Rename Sheet, This will give us cursor at worksheet tab, there we can type desired sheet name.
  2. Press Right click on Worksheet tabà rename
  3. Directly pressing mouse button on Worksheet Tab , we can change the sheet name 

Friday, 4 January 2013

02-Introduction to Microsoft Excel

There are 7-tabs in Microsoft Excel 2007 ribbon:
1. Home
2. Insert
3. Page Layout
4. Formulas
5. Data
6. Review
7. View
And one Office Button in left-top corner. There is no menu bar now with long-vertical opening menus. Menu bar is replaced with ribbon. Ribbon contains different Tabs, these tabs contain different command groups which having options or commands.
There is one Quick Access Toolbar on the top of the ribbon (sometimes below the ribbon) which contains frequently used buttons like Undo, Redo, save, print preview etc.
In Excel 2010, there is File menu, instead of Office Button.

Thursday, 3 January 2013

01-Introduction to Microsoft Excel 2007-2010

Microsoft Excel is part of Microsoft office suit. Its a spread-sheet program. Which contains different sheets, made of rows and columns.
Microsoft Excel Contains :

  1. 16384 Columns
  2. 1048576 Rows
  3. Cells= 17179869184 ( Multiplication of rows and columns, i.e. 16384x1048576)
  4. Excel file is knows as one "Workbook" ( not as worksheet)
  5. All columns have name starting from A,B,C,D.....Z,AA,AB....AZ,BA,BB,BC...BZ....XFD(Last column)
  6. All rows have number starting from 1 to 1048576
  7. All cells have cell name or commonly known as cell address: ColumnName With Row Number, for e.g. A1, C5....D78 likewise.
  8. Extension of Excel 2007 and Excel 2010 file is *.xlsx
  9. Previously it was *.xls with Excel 97 to Excel 2003.
  10. There were 256 columns and 65536 rows in Excel 2003, and total 1677216 cells in Excel 2003.

Memory Units

Units to measure computer /disk memory size:

1 bit (1 or 0)
4 bits= 1 Nybble
8 bits= 1 byte
1024 bytes = 1 kilo Byte (KB)
1024 KB = 1 Mega Byte (MB)
1024 MB = 1 Giga Byte (GB)
1024 GB= 1 Terabyte (TB)
1024 TB= 1 Petabyte (PB)
1024 PB= 1 Exabyte (EB)